GENIXCURE develops novel AAV vectors with its own AI system called InsightMiner™ and
it also develops wholly owned therapeutic programs against ALS, FTD, AD and Lafora disease.


  • AAV Capsid Engineering

    CARE™(Cell-specific AAV Research Engine), AI-powered by InsightMiner™

    Enhanced in-silico rAAV vectors featuring On- & De-targeting efficiency

    Also featuring BBB penetration, immune evasion, and manufacturability of rAAVs

    XOB031; an AAV9-based novel CNS vector

  • AAV Gene Therapy programs

    Developing programs based on its own rAAV vectors from CARE™

    CNS-centric programs; ALS, FTD, AD, and Lafora disease

    Partnering with pharmaceuticals to swiftly expand programs leveraged by CARE™

    Dedicated team to gene therapy and neuroscience

  • Non-GMP CMO Service

    Customized design & production of both plasmids and AAVs

    Analysis & Quality Assurance services available

  • Vision

    • For more gene therapies helping patients suffering from intractable diseases

  • Mission

    • For beautiful youth and healthy aging